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MidAmerica Surgery Center proudly serves patients throughout the Chesterfield, MO region with exceptional and advanced surgical care. Our compassionate, board-certified ophthalmologists bring years of experience and a proven track record of successful procedures to our valued patients. From minimally invasive laser cataract surgery to corneal transplants, our skilled surgeons perform the specialized treatments necessary for clear vision and optimal eye health. Contact our Chesterfield surgery center to learn more about how our team can enhance your vision and improve your overall quality of life.

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As a premier facility for ophthalmic care, MidAmerica Surgery Center is a dependable source for innovative surgical solutions. Our expert Chesterfield, MO ophthalmologists bring their specialized expertise and use the latest in advanced technology to perform surgeries that improve, optimize, or even save the vision of our valued patients. If you are looking for surgery to correct refractive errors, treat cataracts, manage glaucoma, or anything in between, we encourage you to contact our team to schedule a consultation.

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"I have received all my eyecare from PeposeVision for over 20 years. From annual check ups to Lasik to cataract surgery and a retina repair. Experience has been good. Eyes are healthy and my vision is clear. I could not imagine going anywhere else for Eyecare."



"I had both eyes done due to cataracts, not at the same time of course. Of course everyone tells you it's no big deal, but it's your eyes, not theirs. I was certainly nervous, but like 5 minutes after the surgery, everything was so bright and clear. I would have gotten the other eye right then if they would have let me. I have no worries giving Dr. Bias and his staff at his office and the surgery center the highest possible rating. 100 stars if that is possible. There was nothing I wasn't informed about. So I knew what was going to happen, still couldn't help be nervous because it's my eyes. The nervousness was unfounded , doubt it could have gone better. No need to worry Dr Bias and his team are all Allstars. I would recommend them to anyone who has cataracts, without hesitation. Thank you again!!!!!! Jim"



"My husband had cataracts removed. We were very pleased with the care he received. We will definitely recommend the center to family & friends"



"I would recommend this place to my friends"



"Dr Qazi has to be one of the best doctors I have ever met. He's so patient and kind. He has patiently answered any questions that i may have ever asked, and has never left his office feeling rushed though my appt or questioned what he explained to me. #bestcataractsurgeon ever. My family and friends are always asking which eye did do. They can't tell. #LOVEPEPOSEINSTITUTE....."




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